Wind Electric Systems Book 2018 Best Study Materials


Candidates can get Best Wind Electric Systems Books 2018 Best List of Books for Candidates can get Best Electrical Wind Electric Systems Entrance Examination Test Admission Entrance Exam (Wind Electric Systems) Books 2018 Posted Exam in by S. N. Bhadra and D. Kastha etc.

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Candidates can get Best Wind Electric Systems Books 2018 also a Top List of Main Study Materials for 2017-2018 entrance exam in India.

    by S. N. Bhadra and D. Kastha

01: Global Energy Scenario (C-1.5, L-15)

  • Role of energy in economic development and social transformation: Energy & GDP, GNP and its dynamics.
  • Discovery of various energy sources: Energy Sources and Overall Energy demand and availability, Energy Consumption in various sectors and its changing pattern, Exponential increase in energy consumption and Projected future demands.
  • Energy Resources: Coal, Oil, Natural Gas, Nuclear Power and Hydroelectricity, Solar and Other Renewable etc. Depletion of energy sources and impact exponential rise in energy consumption on economies of countries and on international relations.
  • Energy Security: Chemical and Nuclear: Non Proliferation, Energy Security, Energy Consumption and its impact on environmental climatic change.
  • International Energy Policies of G-8 Countries, G-20 Countries, OPEC Countries, EUCountries.
  • International Energy Treaties (Rio, Montreal, Kyoto), INDO-US Nuclear Deal.
  • Future Energy Options: Sustainable Development, Energy Crisis: Transition from carbon rich and nuclear to carbon free technologies, parameters of transition.

02: Indian Energy Scenario (C-1.0, L-10)

  • Energy resources & Consumption: Commercial and noncommercial forms of energy, Fossil fuels, Renewable sources including Bio-fuels in India, their utilization pattern in the past, present and future projections of consumption pattern, Sector wise energy consumption
  • Impact of Energy on Economy, Development and Environment, Energy for Sustainable Development, Energy and Environmental policies, Need for use of new and renewable energy sources.
  • Status of Nuclear and Renewable Energy: Present Status and future promise
  • Energy Policy Issues: Fossil Fuels, Renewable Energy, Power sector reforms, restructuring of energy supply sector, energy strategy for future.
  • Energy Conservation Act-2001 & its features, Electricity Act-2003 & its features.
  • Framework of Central Electricity Authority (CEA), Central & States Electricity Regulatory Commissions (CERC & ERCs)

03: Energy Policy

  • Global Energy Issues,
  • National & State Level Energy Issues, National & State Energy Policy, Industrial Energy Policy,
  • Energy Security, Energy Vision.
  • Energy Pricing & Impact of Global Variations.
  • Energy Productivity (National & Sector wise productivity).

04: Basics of Thermodynamics

  • Basic Units, Dimensions and Conversions For Energy, Concepts of Energy, Heat and Work, Ideal gas law, Ist and II law of thermodynamics (Closed and Open Systems)
  • Thermodynamics power cycles, Reversible heat Engine cycle, I.C. engine cycles, Carnot Cycle, Rankine Cycle, Otto Cycle, Vapor Refrigeration & power Cycle etc.


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