Principles of Distributed Database Systems Book 2018 Best Study Materials


Candidates can get Best Principles of Distributed Database Systems Books 2018 Best List of Books for Candidates can get Best Principles of Distributed Database Systems Entrance Exam (Principles of Distributed Database Systems) Books 2018 Posted Exam in by M. Tamer Ozsu etc.

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Candidates can get Best Principles of Distributed Database Systems Books 2018 also a Top List of Main Study Materials for 2017-2018 entrance exam in India.

  • Principles of Distributed Database Systems
    by M. Tamer Ozsu


Features of Distributed versus Centralized Databases – Why Distributed Databases – Distributed Database Management Systems (DDBMSs)- Review of Databases – Review of Computer Networks-Levels of Distribution Transparency- Reference Architecture for Distributed Databases – Types of Data Fragmentation – Distribution Transparency for read-only Applications – Distribution transparency for Update Applications – Distributed Database Access Primitives – Integrity Constraints in Distributed Databases – A Framework for Distributed Database Design – The Design of Database Fragmentation – The Allocation of Fragments.
Equivalence Transformations for Queries – Transforming Global Queries into Fragment Queries – Distributed Grouping and Aggregate Function Evaluation – Parametric Queries -Optimization of Access Strategies – A Framework for Query Optimization – Join Queries – General Queries. A Framework for Transaction Management – Supporting Atomicity of Distributed Transactions – Concurrency Control for Distributed Transactions – Architectural Aspects of Distributed Transactions
Foundations of Distributed Concurrency Control – Distributed Deadlocks – Concurrency Control Based on Timestamps – Optimistic Methods for Distributed Concurrency Control – Reliability – Basic Concepts Nonblocking Commitment Protocols – Reliability and Concurrency Control – Determining a Consistent View of the Network – Detection and Resolution of Inconsistency – Checkpoints and Cold Restart – Distributed Database Administration – Catalog Management in Distributed Databases – Authorization and Protection.
Distributed object database management systems – Fundamental object concepts and Models – Object – Abstract Data Types – Composition (Aggregation) – Class – Collection – Subtyping and Inheritance. – Object Distribution Design – Horizontal Class Partitioning – Vertical Class Partitioning – Path Partitioning – Class Partitioning Algorithms – Allocation – Replication – Alternative Client / Server Architectures – Cache Consistency – Object Identifier Management – Pointer Switching Object Migration – Distributed Object Storage – Object Query Processor Architectures – Query Processing Issues – Query Execution – Correctness Criteria – Transaction Models and Object Structures – Transactions Management in Object DBMSs – Transactions as Objects – Conclusion – Bibliographic Notes – Exercises.
Parallel Database Systems – Database Server Approach – Database Servers and Distributed Databases – Parallel System Architectures – Objectives – Functional Aspects – Parallel Data Processing – Parallel Query Optimization – Data Placement – Query Parallelism – Parallel Execution Problems – Initialization – Interferences and Convoy Effect – Load Balancing – Parallel Execution for Hierarchical Architecture – Problem Formulation – Basic Concepts – Load Balancing Strategy – Performance Evaluation – Conclusion – Bibliographic Notes – Exercises.


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