Mumbai University Web Technologies Book 2018 Best Study Materials

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Candidates can get Best Mumbai University Web Technologies Books 2018 Best List of Books for Candidates can get Best Mumbai University Entrance Examination Test Admission Entrance Exam (Mumbai University) Books 2018 Posted Exam in by Kogent Learning Solutions Inc. etc.

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Candidates can get Best Mumbai University Web Technologies Books 2018 also a Top List of Main Study Materials for 2017-2018 entrance exam in India.

  • Web Technologies: As per revised syllabus of Mumbai University (Black Book)
    by Kogent Learning Solutions Inc.


Web designing and Programming

Unit – I Internet and WWW : What is Internet?, Introduction to internet and its applications, E- mail, telnet, FTP, e-commerce, video conferencing, e-business. Internet service providers, domain name server, internet address

World Wide Web (WWW) : World Wide Web and its evolution, uniform resource locator (URL), browsers – internet explorer, netscape navigator, opera, firefox, chrome, mozilla. Search engine, web saver – apache, IIS, proxy server, HTTP protocol.

Unit – II HTML and Graphics : HTML Tag Reference, Global Attributes, Event Handlers, Document Structure Tags, Formatting Tags, Text Level formatting, Block Level formatting, List Tags, Hyperlink tags, Image and Image maps, Table tags, Form Tags, Frame Tags, Executable content tags.

Imagemaps : What are Imagemaps? Client-side Imagemaps, Server-side Imagemaps, Using Server-side and Client-side Imagempas together, alternative text for Imagemaps,

Tables : Introduction to HTML tables and their structure, The table tags, Alignment, Aligning Entire Table, Alignment within a row, Alignment within a cell, Attributes, Content Summary, Background color, Adding a Caption, Setting the width, Adding a border, Spacing within a cell, Spacing between the cells, spanning multiple rows or columns, Elements that can be placed in a table, Table Sections and column properties, Tables as a design tool.

Frames : Introduction to Frames, Applications, Frames document, The tag, Nesting tag, Placing content in frames with the tag, Targeting named frames, Creating floating frames, Using Hidden frames,

Forms : Creating Forms, The

tag, Named Input fields, The tag, Multiple lines text windows, Drop down and list boxes, Hidden, Text, Text Area, Password, File Upload, Button, Submit, Reset, Radio, Checkbox, Select, Option, Forms and Scripting, Action Buttons, Labelling input files, Grouping related fields, Disabled and read-only fields, Form field event handlers, Passing form data

Style Sheets : What are style sheets?, Why are style sheets valuable? Different approaches to style sheets, Using Multiple approaches, Linking to style information in s separate file, Setting up style information, Using the tag, embedded style information, Using.


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