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Candidates can get Best Material Science and Metallurgy Books 2018 Best List of Books for Candidates can get Best Material Science and Metallurgy Examination Admission Entrance Exam (Material Science and Metallurgy) Books 2018 Posted Exam in by O. P. Khanna etc.

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Candidates can get Best Material Science and Metallurgy Books 2018 also a Top List of Main Study Materials for 2017-2018 entrance exam in India.

  • Material Science & Metallurgy
    by O. P. Khanna


Material Science and Metallurgy Syllabus for VTU BE/B.Tech Marine Engineering third sem complete syllabus covered here. This will help you understand complete curriculum along with details such as exam marks and duration. The details are as follows.

Subject Code15 MR32IA Marks20
Number of Lecture Hours/Week4Exam Marks80
Total Number of Lecture Hours50Exam Hours3


COURSE OBJECTIVES: This course provides

  • The foundation for understanding the structure and various modes of failure in materials common in mechanical engineering.
  • Topics are designed to explore the mechanical properties of metals and their alloys and composites.
  • The means of modifying such properties, as well as the processing and failure of materials.
  • Concepts of use of materials for various applications are highlighted.

COURSE OUTCOMES: The student shall be able to

  • Describe the mechanical properties of metals, their alloys and various modes of failure.
  • Understand the microstructures of ferrous and non-ferrous materials to mechanical properties.
  • Explain the processes of heat treatment of various alloys.
  • Understand the properties and potentialities of various materials available and material selection procedures.
  • Know about composite materials and their processing as well as applications.


Basics, Mechanical Behavior, Failure of Materials
Introduction to Crystal Structure – Coordination number, atomic packing factor, Simple Cubic, BCC, FCC and HCP Structures, Crystal imperfections – point, line, surface and volume imperfections, Atomic Diffusion: Phenomenon, Fick’s laws of diffusion;Factors affecting diffusion.

Mechanical Behavior: Stress-strain diagram for ductile and brittle materials, mechanical properties in plastic range, yield strength offset yield strength, ductility, ultimate tensile strength, toughness. toughness [10 Hours]


Plastic deformation: of single crystal by slip and twinning.
Fracture: Type I, Type II and Type III,
Fatigue: Types of fatigue loading with examples, Mechanism of fatigue, Fatigue properties, S-N diagram, Fatigue testing.
Creep: Description of the phenomenon with examples, three stages of creep, creep properties, Stress relaxation. [10 Hours]


Mechanism of solidification, Homogenous and Heterogeneous nucleation, crystal growth, cast metal structures. Phase
Diagram I: Solid solutions Hume Rothary rule substitutional, and interstitial solid solutions, intermediate phases, Gibbs
phase rule.
Phase Diagram II : Construction of equilibrium diagrams involving complete and partial solubility, lever rule. Different types invariant reactions – Eutectic, Eutectoid, Peritectic, Peritectectoid reactions etc. [10 Hours]


Iron carbon equilibrium diagram
Description of phases, solidification of steels and cast irons, invariant reactions.
Heat treating of metals : TTT curves, continuous cooling curves, description of the following heat treatmen processes with industrial applications: annealing and its types. normalizing, hardening, tempering, martempering, austempering, hardenability, surface hardening methods like carburizing, cyaniding, nitriding, flame hardening and induction hardening, age hardening of aluminumcopper alloys. [10 Hours]


Ferrous and non ferrous materials
Properties, Composition and uses of Grey cast iron, malleable iron, SG iron and steel Copper alloys-brasses and bronzes.
Aluminum alloys-Al-Cu, Al-Si, Al-Zn alloys. Titanium alloys
Composite Materials : Definition, classification, types of matrix materials & reinforcements, fundamentals of production of FRP’s and MMC’s advantages and application of composites. [10 Hours]


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