ICSE Class X Physics Books (Study Materials)


Candidates can get Best Indian Certificate of Secondary Education Class 10th Physics (ICSE) Books 2018 Best List of Books for Candidates can get Best ICSE Entrance Examination Test (ICSE) Admission Entrance Exam Books 2018 Posted Exam in by Gem Team (Author) etc.

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Candidates can get Best Indian Certificate of Secondary Education Class 10th Physics (ICSEBooks 2018 also a Top List of ICSE Main Study Materials for 2018-2019 entrance exam in India.

  • The Gem guide to ICSE Physics 10th
    by Gem Team (Author)


Aims: 1. To acquire knowledge and understanding of the terms, facts, concepts, definitions, laws, principles and processes of Physics. 2. To develop skills in practical aspects of handling apparatus, recording observations and in drawing diagrams, graphs.

Measurements and Experimentation

(i) Estimation by orders of magnitude of size (length, area and volume), mass and time. Order of magnitude as statement of magnitude in powers of ten; familiarity with the orders of magnitude of some common sizes (length, area and volume), masses and time intervals e.g. idea of, mass of atoms, bottle of water, planets, diameter of atom, length of football field, inter stellar distances, pulse rate, age of earth etc.

(ii) International System of Units, the required SI units with correct symbols are given at the end of this syllabus. Other commonly used system of units – fps and cgs.

(iii) Measurements using common instruments (metre rule, Vernier calipers and micrometer

(iv) Presentation of data in tabular and graphical form (straight line graphs only). Presentation of data in tabular form of two types: headed columns (e.g. simple pendulum) and numbered rows (e.g., volume measurement). Graph — various steps in plotting a graph, such as title, selection of origin and axes, labeling of axes, scale, plotting the points, best-fit straight line, etc. Meaning of slope and of straight-line graph. [No numerical problems].



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