Elements of Electrical Engineering Book 2018 Best Study Materials


Candidates can get Best Basic Elements of Electrical Engineering Books 2018 Best List of Books for Candidates can get Best Electrical Engineering Test Admission Entrance Exam (Electrical Engineering) Books 2018 Posted Exam in by K. Uma Rao etc.

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Candidates can get Best Basic Elements of Electrical Engineering Books 2018 also a Top List of Main Study Materials for 2017-2018 entrance exam in India.

  • Elements of Electrical Engineering
    by K. Uma Rao


Elements of Electrical Engineering

I D.C. Circuits:- Effect Of Temperature Upon Resistance, Solutions Of series,
parallel in brief, star-delta combination of Resistances, KVL & KCL.

II Electrostatics & Capacitance:- Definitions of Electrostatic, types of capacitors,
series, parallel combinations & related circuit calculations in brief charging &
discharging of capacitor. Energy stored in capacitor.

III Electromagnetics:- Magnetic Circuit , Comparison Between Electric And
Magnetic Circuits , Series/Parallel Magnetic Circuit Calculations , Magnetic
Hysteresis, Hysteresis And Eddy Current Loss, Magnetic Materials,
Electromagnetic induction, Statically And Dynamically Induced E.M.F.S in brief,
Fleming’s Right hand rule-Left hand rule, Coefficients Of Self And Mutual
Inductances , Coefficient Of Coupling, Series/Parallel Combinations Of
Inductances, Rise And Decay Of Current In Inductive Circuits , Force
Experienced By Current Carrying Conductor Placed In Magnetic Field.

IV Single Phase A.C. Circuits:- Generation Of Alternating Voltages &
Currents, Their Equations, Definitions , R.M.S. And Average Values , Vector
Representation Of Alternating Quantities , Addition And Subtraction Of Vectors
, Complex Algebra., Phasor Relations Between Voltage And Current In Each Of
Resistance, Inductance And Capacitance , A.C. Series And Parallel Circuits ,
Power And Power Factor , Methods Of Circuit Solution (Analytically &
Vectorially), Resonance In Series And Parallel Circuits.

V Polyphase Circuits:- Generation Of Polyphase Voltages , 3,Phase System ,
Phase Sequence, Inter Connection Of 3 Phases , Voltage, Current And Power
Relationships In Balanced Three Phase Circuits , Power Measurement In
Single Phase And 3 Phase Circuits.

VI Batteries, Cables:- Battery, life of batteries, charging & discharging of battery.
Cables, 2, 21/2, 3 and 4 core armored & unarmored cables.

VII Electrical Wiring:- Connectors & switches, system of wiring, domestic wiring
installation, sub circuits in domestic wiring, simple control circuit in domestic
installation, industrial electrification.

VIII Illumination:- Types of lamps, fixtures & reflectors, illumination schemes for
domestic, industrial & commercial premises, Lumen requirements for different

IX Safety & protection:- Safety, electric shock, first aid for electric shock other
hazards of electrical laboratories & safety rules, use of multimeters, grounding,
importance of grounding, equipment of grounding for safety. Circuit protection
devices, fuses, MCB, ELCB & relays.


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