Concrete Technology Book 2018 Best Study Materials

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Candidates can get Best Concrete Technology Books 2018 Best List of Books for Candidates can get Best Concrete Technology Examination Admission Entrance Exam (Concrete Technology) Books 2018 Posted Exam in by M.L. Gambhir etc.

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Candidates can get Best Concrete Technology Books 2018 also a Top List of Main Study Materials for 2017-2018 entrance exam in India.

  • Concrete Technology: Theory and Practice
    by M.L. Gambhir



Cement: Protland cement- chemical compostion- Hydration of cement- Structure of hydrate cement- Test on physical prorerites- Different grades of cement.

Admixtures: Types of admixtures- mineral and chemical admixtures- properites- dosages- effects- usage.

Aggregates: Classification of aggregate- Particle shape & texture- Bond, Strength & other mechanical properites of aggregate- Specific gravity, Bulk density, Porosity, adsorption & moisture content of aggregate- Bluking of sand- Deleterious Substance of aggregate- Soundness of aggregate- Alkail Aggregate recation- Thermal properites- Sieve analysis- Fineness modulus- Grading curves- Grading of fine & coarse Aggregates- Gap graded aggregate- Maximum aggregate size.


Fresh Concrete: Workability- Factors affecting workability- Measurment of workability of tests- Setting times of concrete- Effect of time and temperature on workability- Segregation & bleeding- Mixing and vibration of concrete- Steps in minufacture of concrete- Quality of mixing water.


Hardened Concrete: Water/ Cement ratio- Abram’s Law- Gelspaoe ratio- Nature of strength of concrete- Maturity concept- Strength in tension & compression- Factors affecting strength- Relation between compression & tensile strength- Curing.

Testing of Hardened Concrete: Compression tests- Tension tests- Factors affecting strength- Flexure tests- Splitting tests- Pull- out tests, Non- destructive testing methods- codal provisions for NDT.

ELASTICITY, CREEP & SHRINKAGE- Modulus of elasticity- Dynamic modulcus of elasticity- Posisson’s ratio- Creep of concrete- Factors influencing creep- Relation between creep & time- Nature of creep- Effects of creep- Shrinkage – types of shrinkage.


Mix Desgin: Factors in the choice of mix proprotions- Durability of concrete- Quality Control of concrete- Statistical Quality control- Acceptance criteria- Proprotioning of concrete mix by normal pumpable concretes by- BIS method of mix desgin.


Special Concretes: Light weight concrete- Light weight aggregate concrete- Cellular concrete- No-fines concrete- Fibre reinforced concrete- Polymer concrete- Types of Polymer concrete- Self compacting concrete.


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